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Antoaneta Zaharia and Marius Damian play together again in „Lie to Me in the Old Town”

     Characters Toni (Marius Damian) and Oana (Antoaneta Zaharia), who were a couple in Minte-mă frumos (Lie to Me), make a come-back in the second part of the feature Minte-mă frumos în Centrul Vechi (Lie to Me in the Old Town).
     The love story of the two characters is continued in Lie to Me in the Old Town – Toni and Oana are married now, they have a child and he is trying to be more responsible, but still gets into all kinds of troubles, including with loan sharks. Oana is left to fix the problems his husband creates, but sometimes she tangles them even more. The two actors, Marius Damian and Antoaneta Zaharia, are also married in real life.
     Lie to Me in the Old Town is to be launched in Romanian theatres on April 1st, 2016.
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