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“World War Cup” animation – official trailer

     The animation short World War Cup, directed by Sebastian Cosor and produced by Mihai Mitrică through Puls Digital Production and SAFE FRAME, has released its official trailer.
     The film launching is to be made on December 2016, and it will enter the festival circuit in 2017.
World War Cup is a story about regrets and memories that may heal. Two war veterans get together to view a football match that, in their memories, looks like a true combat situation. Bearing the regret that they may have done an unforgivable mistake during the war, the two imagine themselves now as winners on the football field, and the victory heals them of their youth frustrations. The voices that give life to the two characters, in their youth (when they were soldiers), are those of actors Tudor Chirilă and Andi Vasluianu.
     The piece on the film's sound track, which bears the name of the short and is signed by the L.O.S.T band was also launched. The piece lending its title to the film may be downloaded here.
     Details at: // facebook



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