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Actor Marin Moraru died Sunday evening

     Marin Moraru passed away Sunday evening, 21 August, 2016, at the Elias Hospital in Bucharest.
     The actor graduated the “I.L. Caragiale” Theatre and Film Institute (IATC) of Bucharest in 1961, class of Prof. Dina Cocea. Marin Moraru played on the scene of the National Theatre in Bucharest (TNB) since 1971, an in parallel he had roles in over 20 films. He was also Professor of acting with IATC for six years, until 1980, when he gave up this position in order to fully dedicate himself to his activity with TNB. He had parts in celebrated performances, directed by such names as Mihai Măniuţiu, Lucian Pintilie, Liviu Ciulei, Ion Cojar, Alexandru Dabija, Sanda Manu, Radu Beligan.
     Among the most famous films of the actor, mention should be made of: Actorul şi sălbaticii/The Actor and the SavagesFilip cel bun/Phillip the GoodOperaţiunea “Monstrul”/The “Monster” OperationConcurs/CompetitionFaleze de nisip/Sand Cliffs. In 2009, Marin Moraru was granted the GOPO Award for his entire career, and in 2015, he was distinguished with the Excellency Award offered by the Transilvania International Film Festival.
     Details: Digi24

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