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“About Endlessness” Opens the 9th Edition of BIEFF on November 6

     About Endlessness, Roy Andersson`s latest film, opens the 9th edition of the BIEFF International Experimental Film Festival, during a gala screening organized on November 6, from 20:00, at Cinema PRO. One reflection on life in all its beauty and cruelty, the feature film which received the Silver Lion for the Best Director at the Venice International Film Festival will have the Romanian premiere, showing aa fantastic world, populated with lost souls and lonesome hearts. It`s exactly about this personal isolation that the competition program Public Spaces and Urban Anxieties speaks; it is the meeting point of the five short films which analyze the public urban space from the perspective of the individual relationships.
     “You must be Roy Andersson to name a 76 minutes film About Endlessness” the film critic John Bleasdale said in a CineVue article. The film lovers who are familiar with the Swedish director`s trilogy - Sånger från andra våningen/Songs From the Second Floor (2000), Du levande/You, the Living (2007) și En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron/A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014) – will recognize some elements in this film. An indisputable master of absurd humour, Andersson succeeds in his seventh fiction feature film in conveying the entire importance and intensity of life in a series of apparently meaningless details, which are invested with the importance of the great events in history.
Made of alternative perspectives on the world complexity, the BIEFF International Competition follows the socio-cultural connections which govern the lives of the inhabitants of the big cities, in the Public Space and Urban Anxieties programme.
     The director Stéphanie Lagarde, a guest of the festival, describes in an ingenious way the tension between the well conducted choreography of the police force and the disorderly movement of the civilians. A game in which you must be visible and invisible, present and absent, Deployments is not only about a social situation, but also a criticism of the media.
     Confluence creates a parallel between the life of a pop star in Serbia and the moments of glory and decay of the city of Belgrade (and of the entire country actually). Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, (who signs the film together with Stefan Ramírez Pérez) will be present at the BIEFF screening.
     A Room With a Coconut View (directed by Tulapop Saenjaroen) confronts the overtly aestheticized vision of the touristic marketing, going beyond the image surface. Guided by a computer-generated voice in a tour through Thailand, Alex decides to explore the itinerary by himself, offering another perspective on the reality described by means of technology.
     The digital space is reconfigured in Operation Jane Walk as well. It is a short film directed by Robin Klengel and Leonhard Müllner, which conveys a pacifist message in the unexpected form of an aggressive online game. Turning the war zone from the video games into a peaceful digital city tour, the film invites us to go for a walk through the post-apocalyptic scenery of the city, raising questions about the history of architecture, urbanism and the influence of the game developers on the urban fabric.
     From the volunteer self-colonization (through identifying with the western values which increases the chances of being accepted by the West), to the reaction of adversity towards the object of imitation itself, Syndromes of Mimicry, Anastasija Piroženko`s film, goes beyond the surface of the daily life, analyzing the double effect of the westernization process that the former-communist countries went through.

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