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39 projects entered at “Camera 9” shorts competition’s first edition

     The call for entries to Camera 9 shorts competition ended. Set up by Scena9 in partnership with Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest and Cristian Mungiu, with the support of BRD Groupe Société Générale, Camera 9 competition is addressed to the students of Romanian film faculties, in an attempt to discover and support the next generation of actors passionate about author films.
     Almost 40 students of film faculties in the country entered their projects into competition until 01.09.2016. Among those entered, there are projects from students with all film faculties of the country, and also projects entered by students with photo-video sections of Art Universities.
     Maximum 9 projects among those entered will be supplied consultancy from some of the best Romanian experts, and funding of minimum EUR 2,000 sponsored by BRD Groupe Societe Generale, to produce a short film.
     The Jury made up of Cristian Mungiu, Flavia Popa, Tudor Reu, Luiza Vasiliu will analyse the screenplays entered and will have meetings with the crews of the most promising project. Following the projects' analysis, the jury will select maximum 9 screenplays to be funded and produced under the project's mentors’ supervision.
     Because of the large number of entries, the competition winners will be announced on 19 September, 2016 and will be supervised by Tudor Reu during the production stage, Mircea Olteanu will deliver consultancy services for the editing stage, and for screenplay-related advice, the young directors will have by their side Cristian Mungiu himself.
     “I am happy to see that project Camera 9 has got the students' attention, I am glad that almost 40 projects were entered and I hope there are the most original and personal stories among them. I can't wait to work together,” Cristian Mungiu said.

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