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3 noi documentare de văzut pe #docuartPlay

     Three new productions are added to the over 50 documentaries that can be watched on #docuartPlay, the free section of the platform, as part of the help that Docuart tries to offer in these times when we should stay at home.
     These three dense and different documentaries have their focus on art: music, painting and architecture.
     “100 Rising / 100 de movile (directed by Max Ciorbă, 2016),  maybe one of the best rockumentaries of the past few years, is an exhilarating exploration of the way in which folklore influences the nowadays music, on both sides of the Prut river, bit also a musical journey, with anthropological influences, in the search of authenticity and unity. Studio with a Guide / Atelier cu călăuză (1985), an essay-short film (made in Sahia) directed by the late Ovidiu Bose Paștină, was a revelation for me: it is a film of a rare complexity, on the edge between documentary and fiction, told in long takes, with such artistry that suits the theme (the body of work of Nicolae Grigorescu). It is a film in film, or, better said, a documentary in documentary that speaks about many things, but first and foremost, about the difficulty of interpreting art”, Anca Grădinariu, the film critic, says.
     “A house is a boat with which you travel in time” Radu Beligan`s voice tells us at the beginning of the documentary The House on Our Street / Casa de pe strada noastră made in 1957, at the Sahia Film studio, about the memory of a house and of the objects inside of it. Mircea Săucan, the child prodigy of the Romanian cinema in the `60s shows his stylistic skills and his avant-garde eagerness to break the conventions of film regarding art. is a cultural platform of film education, dedicated to the documentary and especially to the Romanian documentary, mostly using video content.
     Details: Docuart Play

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