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The Man Who Didn’t Say a Thing (2016)

The Man Who Didn't Say a Thing

- Scurtmetraj - -

Synopsis: Water, silences and reed. A fisherman in his 50’s brings a fish to a woman. The two barely change few words. The fisherman shares a smoke with the husband and leaves. A boy and a girl playing. Forest, silences, glances. When she moves away, the boy closes his eyes and whispers in a broken radio: “I love you”. He clenches his eyelids. 40 years later, the fisherman is at a bus station. He closes his eyes. Clenches his eyelids. And doesn’t say a thing.

Director: Florin Șerban

Writer: Florin Șerban

Stars: Vasile Isarev, Genica Malăhin

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The Man Who Didn’t Say a Thing (2016) Vasile Isarev Vasea
The Man Who Didn’t Say a Thing (2016) Genica Malăhin Elena
The Man Who Didn’t Say a Thing (2016) Vasile Neculai Elena's husband
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  • Selected in Montreal World Film Festival - World Competition 2016.