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When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism (2013)

89 min. - Film despre lumea filmului - AP 12 - 20.09.2013

Moments from the making of a film, built upon the professional and intimate relationship between a director and an actress.

Regie: Corneliu Porumboiu

Scenariu: Corneliu Porumboiu

Actori principali: Bogdan Dumitrache, Diana Avrămuţ

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Bogdan Dumitrache Paul
Diana Avrămuț Alina
Mihaela Sîrbu Magda
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42 Km Film (Bucureşti)
Les Films du Worso (Paris)
With CNC support

Date de producție

It won a grant awarded by the Romanian CNC in the September 2011 project contest session, of 1,115,000 RON. The shootings took place in Bucharest. The declared budget: 800,000 Euro.


Independenţa Film ´97



Paul is a man in his `40s and …a film director. The rehearsals with an actress who plays a supporting role in the film that he is currently making, take a lot of time because he is keen on following the script exactly as it is written, though he tries to be open to the actress` suggestions. The scene which is simple – a woman steps out of the shower and while putting on her clothes she overhears a conversation that starts her thinking – is repeated more times, until the actress fully makes the possible overtones her own. After the rehearsals, a short sex scene and a long dinner for two are part of a ritual which seems to be compulsory for the tensions and uncertainties that are normal in the creating process to melt down. A painful gastritis crisis complicates the director`s life because he must go through some investigations that both his health insurance contract and the producer`s interventions who cannot afford costly delays force him to. ((Cristina Corciovescu)


  • The film is made of 17 shots; for each of them, Porumboiu shot 20 takes.
  • The song “Cristina” that the film ends with is sung by Maria Răducanu. One of its lines (“When the evening falls on Bucharest, I look at the girls/ And see that you`re not there”) inspired the title of the film.