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How To Fly A Kite? (2018)

Cum înalți un zmeu? (2018)

20 min.30 sec. - Scurtmetraj - - 6.12.2018

Synopsis: Aurel is trying to win his father's recognition. One day while gathering firewood in the nearby forest he comes of age quite differently as he expected.

Director: Loránd Gábor

Writer: Loránd Gábor

Stars: Ionuț Mihai, Alexandru Gârjoabă, Virgil Aioanei

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  • How To Fly A Kite? (2018)
  • How To Fly A Kite? (2018)

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How To Fly A Kite? (2018) Ionuț Mihai Aurel
How To Fly A Kite? (2018) Alexandru Gârjoabă Nicușor
How To Fly A Kite? (2018) Virgil Aioanei Agent Sergiu Campan
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Produced By

UNATC ”IL Caragiale”

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2018 - CineMAiubit - Prize ”Cristian Nemescu” for Best Director
    2019 - Molodist IFF - Best Student Film
    2019 - Central European FF - Prize ”Radu Gabrea” for Student Film
How To Fly A Kite? (2018) - Photo