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6 Big Fish (2013)

6 stora fiskar / 6 peşti mari (2013)

12 min. - Scurtmetraj - -


Ann Sofi and Andreas are a couple of Swedish artists. They came to Romania as exchange students and have a workshop in an apartment downtown Bucharest. Ann Sofi sees art as a means of expressing her personal experiences and records her daily life obsessively with a video-camera. One summer afternoon, their neighbour offers them a bag of live fish. Because neither of them cares to slaughter them, they put them in the freezer. A few hours later they find that the fish are still alive The two embark on a mission to release the fish in the nearest pond. However, this mission turns out to be more difficult then they would have expected.

Director: Ştefan Constantinescu

Writer: Ştefan Constantinescu, Xandra Popescu

Stars: Mattias Brunn, Vera Vitali

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  • 6 Big Fish (2013)