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Zavera (2019)

Zavera (2019)

- Drama - -

Synopsis: Ștefan is a middle-aged businessman who developed a construction business together with his lifelong friend, Nic. After the suspicious death of Nic, being under the pressure of taking over the management of their business, Ștefan is facing an existential crisis. During the next six days that follow Nic’s death, step by step Stefan uncovers lies and small compromises related to Nic and now he has to deal with them to come to terms with his new life. (Saga Film)

Director: Andrei Gruzsniczki

Writer: Mircea Stăiculescu, Andrei Gruzsniczki

Stars: Dorian Boguță, Ioana Flora, Medeea Marinescu

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  • Zavera (2019)
  • Zavera (2019)

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Dorian Boguţă Ștefan
Ioana Flora
Medeea Marinescu
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Produced By

Saga Film
with support of CNC

Production info

Budget from CNC - 910.000 lei

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2018 - Sarajevo - TRT Award – CineLink Work in Progress Awards

Zavera (2019) - Photo