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Adalbert’s Dream (2011)

Visul lui Adalbert (2011)

97 min. - Comedy - PG 12 - 04.05.2012


A couple of engineers wait impatiently in front of a VCR (that they’ve brought to work disobeying the regulations) to see Duckadam receiving the European Champions Cup. Their hope to relax after the ceremony thrown in honor of the Romanian Communist Party and far from the prying eyes of their wives is left in suspension. Everything is ruined due to a truancy: two workers skip the cultural-artistic programme to make on the side some knives with Plexiglas handles. They plan to use them as a tip for doctors, teachers and secretaries in hope for a mutual understanding concerning the everyday hardships like good “comrades”. 

Director: Gabriel Achim

Writer: Cosmin Manolache, Gabriel Achim

Stars: Gabriel Spahiu, Nicodim Ungureanu, Paul Ipate

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  • Adalbert’s Dream (2011)
  • Adalbert’s Dream (2011)
  • Adalbert’s Dream (2011)
  • Adalbert’s Dream (2011)
  • Adalbert’s Dream (2011)

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Gabriel Spahiu Iulică Ploscaru
Nicodim Ungureanu Florin
Paul Ipate Frusinoiu
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Produced By

Green Film
4 Proof Film
with the support of CNC (National Film Center)

Production info

Budget 650.000 euro


Bright Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2012 - UCIN - "Opera Prima" Award (Gabriel Achim)
    2013 - Premiile Gopo - Best Debut (Gabriel Achim)
Adalbert’s Dream (2011) - Photo