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My Sexual Life (2010)

Viaţa mea sexuală (2010)

95 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 29.04.2011

Synopsis: This is the story of a young woman, Dorina, working in a sex shop in Bucharest, after being forced to interrupt her studies to care for her parents. Because of her job, everyone considers her to be something other than what she is - a fragile and unhappy woman, forced to live a life she does not deserve and for which she is not ready. And soon, things get out of control. The story of Dorina may be the story of all of us who are leading a life, inside which we feel prisoners and which we do not deserve.

Director: Cornel George Popa

Writer: Cornel George Popa

Stars: Cristina Florea, Vlad Zamfirescu, Gabriel Spahiu

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  • My Sexual Life (2010)
  • My Sexual Life (2010)
  • My Sexual Life (2010)
  • My Sexual Life (2010)

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Cristina Florea Dorina
Vlad Zamfirescu Aurelian
Gabriel Spahiu Marcel
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Paradox Film

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Câştigă concursul de proiecte CNC sesiunea iunie–iulie 2008


Paradox Film

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