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Bat Hunt (1991)

Vânătoarea de lilieci (1991)

90 min. - Drama - - 00.00.1991

Synopsis: During the Romanian revolution in 1989, Pavel and Damian, two undercover officers of the Securitate secret service enter a building to search for shooters. They are followed by an amateur cameraman.

Director: Daniel Bărbulescu

Writer: Daniel Bărbulescu

Stars: Florin Anton, Ion Haiduc, Magda Catone

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  • Bat Hunt (1991)
  • Bat Hunt (1991)

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Florin Anton Damian
Ion Haiduc Pavel
Magda Catone Magda
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Produced By

Studioul de Creație Star Film - 22

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Filmat la Constanța.


România Film

Bat Hunt (1991)  - Photo