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The Deer Hunting (2020)

Vânătoarea de cerbi (2020)

22 min. 29 sec. - Drama Short Movie - - 00.12.2020

Synopsis: A young man meets his father for the first time in 22 years during a hunting trip. While waiting for the prey, they get to know each other. Everything seems normal, until the son starts to ask some taboo questions about his father’s violent past, trying to find the real reason of his parent’s divorce.

Director: Andrei Olănescu

Writer: Andrei Olănescu

Stars: Valeriu Andriuță,

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Valeriu Andriuţă
The Deer Hunting (2020) Andrei Gurlui
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Production info

Shootings in Poiana Neamțului, Ferma de cerbi, Avrig, in january 2020.

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2020 - CineMAiubit - Premiul ”Lucian Pintilie” pentru Cel mai bun fim românesc & Premiul Președintelui UCIN & Premiul pentru imagine (Cătălin Rugină)


Motivation of the Jury CineMAiubit for ”Lucian Pintilie” Award for best romanian film:
”The jury is pleased to award the prize of the Best Romanian film to Andrei Olănescu’s beautiful The Deer Hunting, which impressed the jury with its epic minimalism and emotional modernism, Andrei has successfully crafted a carefully weighted juxtaposition of an unfolding tender drama in the most macho of arenas. A great directorial debut.”
Motivation for Prize of RomanianFilmakers Union President, Laurențiu Damian:
Vânătoarea de cerbi / The Deer Hunting impresses with its humanism and its sensitive observation of a relationship in which the abandoned son meets his father. The hunting is just a pretext for the son’s forgiveness. A hunt that will not take place, because a deer has a baby next to it! With this film, the director proves a surprising maturity.”

Motivation of the Jury for Best Cinematography of a Romanian Film:
”For a consistent care of the visual in long static shots, and for looking after the passing of time through lighting, managing well the ratio between light and darkness in relationship with the storyline.”


The Deer Hunting (2020) - Photo