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Vampirismus (2017)

Vampirismus (2017)

11 min. - Experimental Fantasy Short Movie - - 20.10.2017

Synopsis: Once upon a time, in a small village of Transylvania, lived happily a beautiful young girl with her family and lover. Until one day, when she suddenly got sick and everything changed for her.

Director: Gabriele Saffioti, Massimiliano Nardulli

Writer: Gabriele Saffioti, Massimiliano Nardulli

Stars: Dan Condurache, Marius Bodochi, Aida Economu

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  • Vampirismus (2017)
  • Vampirismus (2017)

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Marius Bodochi The Doctor
Dan Condurache The Father
Sorin Dobrin The Boy
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Produced By

Castalia Pictures
Pipe's Not Dead

Production info

Budget - 3000 euro


Castalia Pictures


  • A  Black and White Movie.
  • Ricardo Montanella has made two insects for the film, one of them with moving feet.

Vampirismus (2017) - Photo