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Snowing Darkness (2021)

Uneori ninge cu zăpadă, alteori cu întuneric. (2021)

- Drama - -

Synopsis: A director is immersed in rehearsals for his new feature centring on the personal turmoil he has suffered, caused by the death of his daughter. As the main story unfolds, strange and unsettling frame stories arise, which teeter between fiction and real life. The more the performance tries to disguise real life, the more it is disrupted by life’s unpredictable course, prompting a series of ambiguous, unbearable and absurd events.

Director: Gabriel Achim

Writer: Gabriel Achim, Cosmin Manolache

Stars: Bogdan Dumitrache

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  • Snowing Darkness (2021)
  • Snowing Darkness (2021)
  • Snowing Darkness (2021)
  • Snowing Darkness (2021)
  • Snowing Darkness (2021)

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Bogdan Dumitrache Teo
Anca Androne
Snowing Darkness (2021) Luiza Gherghinescu
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Produced By

Mandragora & Iadasarecasa
cu suport CNC
în colaborare cu Televiziunea Română

Production info

Buget estimat: 418.000 euro
Filmat în București, în februarie 2020.


Mandragora & Iadasarecasa


  • Selectat în competiție la Tallinn Black Nights 2021.

Snowing Darkness (2021) - Photo