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Another Christmas (2012)

Un alt Crăciun (2012)

15 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A boy is waiting for his parents to come back from Italy, to spend Christmas together. He hasn't seen them for a year. On this Christmas evening, he must face the major crisis of his life: Is there a Santa Claus or not?

Director: Tudor Giurgiu

Writer: Roxana Trofin, Raluca Mirescu Ungureanu, Tudor Giurgiu

Stars: Marius Ionuţ Păcurar, Maria Seles, Ovidiu Crişan

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  • Another Christmas (2012)
  • Another Christmas (2012)

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Another Christmas (2012) Marius Ionuţ Păcurar
Maria Seleș
Ovidiu Crișan
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Libra Film


  • Cântecul "Jingle Bells" e interpretat de Mădălina Manole

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