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Teambuilding (2022)

Teambuilding (2022)

91 min. - Comedy - - 30.09.2022

Synopsis: A frothy comedy about life in the corporation, about the challenges of building a career and those of consolidating and motivating a team. The film, a satire of corporate life, reveals the events of a team building in which the robotic corporativism unleash themselves and unleash themselves by showing their human side.

Director: Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu

Writer: Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu

Stars: Anca Dinicu, Șerban Pavlu, Matei Dima

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  • Teambuilding (2022)
  • Teambuilding (2022)

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Anca Dinicu Lorena
Şerban Pavlu
Teambuilding (2022) Matei Dima
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Produced By

Vidra Productions

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2023 - Premiile Gopo - Audience Award
Teambuilding (2022) - Photo