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Triggered / Les Percutés (2000)

Țăcăniții (2000)

103 min. - Crime - IC 14 - 30.03.2001

Synopsis: While his credit card has just been swallowed by a distributor, Bruno Lussac, says Débé, inspector of his state, crosses the limits of home ethics when he learns that he has just been banned from banking. Disguised as a southerner for a costume party where he was supposed to arrest drug dealers, he drags his colleagues into robbing a bank, causes a bloodbath but comes out victorious of this heist. For his accomplices, the informant and the pretty keeper of peace, Cécile Barko, known as Cyborg, this is the start of a crazy run.

Director: Gérard Cuq

Writer: Gérard Cuq, Michel Cuq

Stars: Tomi Cristin, Christophe Laubion, Ingrid Chauvin

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  • Triggered / Les Percutés (2000)
  • Triggered / Les Percutés (2000)
  • Triggered / Les Percutés (2000)
  • Triggered / Les Percutés (2000)

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Tomi Cristin Sniper
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Christophe Laubion Debe
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Ingrid Chauvin Cyborg
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Produced By

Atlantis Film
Alizés Films
Cinévision Bruxelles
Cu sprijinul CNC

Production info

Ecran normal, color




  • Titlul original: Les percutés

Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) - Photo