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Tie (2014)

Scor alb (2014)

29 min. - Short Movie - - 17.04.2015


As a football match paralyses Bucharest, Dana boards young Alex's cab. Once in front of her building, despite their obvious differences, Dana asks Alex to stay with her for the night. At any price.

Director: Marius Olteanu

Writer: Marius Olteanu

Stars: Ioana Flora, Alexandru Potocean, Smaranda Caragea

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  • Tie (2014)
  • Tie (2014)
  • Tie (2014)
  • Tie (2014)
  • Tie (2014)

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Ioana Flora Dana
Alexandru Potocean Alex
Smaranda Caragea Blonde Woman
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Festivals, Awards

  1. 2015 - Festivalul International de Film Next - "Villa Kult" Award
    2016 - TIFF - Transilvania Pitch Stop Development Award


  • Actress Iulia Lazăr (Teatrul Național Craiova) is married with Claudiu Bleonț.

Tie (2014) - Photo