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Exchange (2007)

Schimb valutar (2007)

100 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 17.10.2008

Synopsis: How far can one person go to try and reclaim what they have lost? In a country town, Emil (Cosmin Selesi) becomes unemployed when the factory where he worked closes. After his wife loses her job as well, the two decide to travel to Australia; drawbacks, however, start even before they board a plane.

Director: Nicolae Mărgineanu

Writer: Tudor Voican

Stars: Cosmin Seleşi, Aliona Munteanu

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Cosmin Seleşi Emil
Exchange (2007) Aliona Munteanu Lili
Exchange (2007) Rodica Ionescu Ana
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Produced By

Ager Film
with support of CNC
and Romanian Society of Television

Production info

Buget estimat 500.000 dolari.


Ager Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2008 - Montpellier - Menţiune specială a juriului


Bucureşti, Bucureşti - Text şi muzică Cristian Lăpădat.


  • Scenariul scris de Tudor Voican după o idee de Cătălin Cocriș.

Exchange (2007) - Photo