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Captain Ion’s Arrow (1972)

Săgeata căpitanului Ion (1972)

89 min. - Adventure - AG - 20.11.1972


The love between captain John, a soldier in Vlad Ţepeş’s army, and Ilina, the daughter of the treasurer Flor, is a real legend that takes place during the invasion led by Mehmed II, conqueror of Constantinople. Captain John fights for a chance at happiness and in order to fulfill his duty. 

Director: Aurel Miheleş

Writer: Alexandru Mitrea

Stars: Valdimir Găitan, Amza Pellea, Carmen Ghiman

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Vladimir Găitan Captain Ion
Amza Pellea Aly-Beg
Captain Ion’s Arrow (1972) Carmen Ghiman Ilina
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Produced By

"Bucharest" Film Studio

Production info

Shootings from March 1972 till May 1972. Production costs: 3.200.000 lei.
Regular screen width, color, 9 acts, 2423 m.




  • Working title: "Legendă valahă"/ “Wallachian Legend”

Critic’s Opinion:
"An unskilled mix of legend and history (...), displaying a tedious and naïve romance, with a ridiculous hero (…), a cultivated combination of Miron Costin’s writings and popular music lyricism.”  (D.I. Suchianu)

Captain Ion’s Arrow (1972) - Photo