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The Bride Was Stolen (2012)

S-a furat mireasa (2012)

89 min. - Comedy - AP 12 - 11.05.2012

Synopsis: Nina, an unemployed former winner of a beauty contest (ex Miss Barlad, county level), is tired of living the poor life with her husband, a policeman. She decides to kidnap Marinela who is just about to get married, with a mobster son. With the extortion money, so she hopes, all her troubles will be laid to rest. Little did she know that the bride hates her soon-to-be husband and welcomes her abduction.

Director: Jesus Del Cerro

Writer: Toni Grecu

Stars: Cătălina Grama, Adina Galupa

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  • The Bride Was Stolen (2012)
  • The Bride Was Stolen (2012)
  • The Bride Was Stolen (2012)

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Cătălina Grama Nina
Adina Galupa Marinela
Răzvan Vasilescu Vienel "profesorul"
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