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Family Reunion (2012)

Reuniune de familie (2012)

13 min. - Drama Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Sorin comes at his former wife to spend the Christmas with their son. under the pressure of the past conflicts, Sorin locks himself in the bathroom. things gets out of control when family members come to see what's happening.

Director: Florina Dumitrache

Writer: Georgiana Constantin

Stars: Șerban Pavlu, Rodica Lazăr

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  • Family Reunion (2012)
  • Family Reunion (2012)
  • Family Reunion (2012)
  • Family Reunion (2012)
  • Family Reunion (2012)

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Şerban Pavlu Sorin
Gabriel Costin Nepotul
Constantin Cojocaru
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Festivals, Awards

  1. 2013 - CineMAiubit - Best Sound Design (Alexandru Petru Bădeliță) & UNATC Rector’s Award – Best Scenography (Pavel Trifan)

Family Reunion (2012) - Photo