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Microphone Test (1979)

Proba de microfon (1979)

108 min. - Drama - AG - 21.04.1980


A television reporter and her cameraman find themselves in the middle of intertwined professional and personal dilemma.

Director: Mircea Daneliuc

Writer: Mircea Daneliuc

Stars: Tora Vasilescu, Mircea Daneliuc, Gina Patrichi

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  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)
  • Microphone Test (1979)

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Tora Vasilescu Ani Covete
Mircea Daneliuc Nelu Stroe
Gina Patrichi Luiza
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Produced By

Filmmaking Studio Three

Production info

Shooting between 01.08.– 27.09.1979. Production expenses: Lei 2,243,000
Normal screen, in colour, 11 acts, 2958 m.



Festivals, Awards

  1. 1980 - ACIN - Grand Prize. Best Cinematography. Best Sound. Best Editing. Best actress (Tora Vasilescu). Honorary Diploma (Maria Junghietu)
    1980 - Costineşti - Special Prize of the Jury. Best Actress in a Leading Role (Tora Vasilescu). Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Maria Junghietu)


Reviewers' Opinion:
„For the first time in Romanian cinema, the love story between Nelu and Ani does not convey any message. He does not determine her to choose the straight path, and she is not there for him when he, representing the new era, fights the old times and wrong is done to him. All these for the simple reason that neither of them represents anything except themselves. Their morals are doubtful, but not at the level of the big concepts – Ani gets involved with an engineer from Târgovişte and brings him into disrepute; Nelu sells his father's gold teeth to give her the money she needs”. (Cristian Tudor Popescu, "Filmul surd în România mută" - „Deaf Films in a Mute Romania” - 2011)

Microphone Test (1979) - Photo