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Pacala Is Back (2006)

Păcală se întoarce (2006)

150 min. - Comedy - G - 09.06.2006


Păcală is back after more than thirty years. Păcală, the leading character of the prequel, has a son who, just like his father, mocks human stupidity and malice. After having wandered across the entire world, Păcală Jr. returns to his country with a truck carrying a donkey, a goat, a roaster, a dove and a palm tree. He arrives home after undergoing several adventures. 

Director: Geo Saizescu

Writer: Geo Saizescu

Stars: Denis Ştefan, Sebastian Papaiani

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  • Pacala Is Back (2006)
  • Pacala Is Back (2006)
  • Pacala Is Back (2006)
  • Pacala Is Back (2006)
  • Pacala Is Back (2006)
  • Pacala Is Back (2006)
  • Pacala Is Back (2006)
  • Pacala Is Back (2006)

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Denis Ștefan Păcală
Sebastian Papaiani Păcală Senior
Pacala Is Back (2006) Anemona Niculescu Păcăliţa
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Produced By

Nerv Film
With the support of CNC (National Film Center)


MediaPro Film Distribution


  • Working title: "Păcală 2"
  • The stunts were done by Răzvan Gheorghiu, Cosmin Pădureanu, Carmen Preda, Vlad Iacob.

Pacala Is Back (2006) - Photo