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New Year’s Eve (1979)

Ora zero (1979)

99 min. - Social Film - AG - 10.10.1979


A malfunction of a tram cable on New Year’s Eve causes a delay in the schedule of the intervention team, comprising of a man and his four sons. In the meantime, as one of the boys is off to buy an engagement ring from a shady man, he unwillingly gets involved in a traffic accident. The family reunites after midnight and sets the clock backwards in order to celebrate New Year in the presence of a TV crew. 

Director: Nicolae Corjos

Writer: Coman Șova

Stars: Mihai Mereuță, Geo Costiniu, Dan Tufaru


Mihai Mereuţă Marin Căruntu
Geo Costiniu Mihai Căruntu
Dan Tufaru Ion Căruntu
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Produced By

Casa de filme Patru / Production Company no. 4

Production info

Shootings from 14.02. to 02.04.1979 in Bucharest. Production costs: 2.679.000 lei.
Regular screen width, color, 2717 meters.



Festivals, Awards

  1. 1979 - ACIN - Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack


  • Director Nicolae Corjos’ film debut.
Critic’s Opinion
Ora zero / New Year’s Eve (...) is built like a closed-off ship, in which the afflictions of a family boil until  exhaustion; the process is consummated on its own, controlled however minute by minute and releasing specific conclusions.”(Romulus Rusan, „Filmar”, 1984)