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The Counting Device (2011)

Numărătoarea manuală (2011)

21 min. - Comedy Short Movie - AG - 02.04.2015


Mircea, an old employee at the National Company of Motorways and National Roads wants to get George - his nephew - hired at the same company. The job consists of manually counting all the cars passing on the national roads for some EU statistics, but they both have different opinions about their work and eventually their friendship turns into a conflict.

Director: Daniel Sandu

Writer: Daniel Sandu

Stars: Alexandru Georgescu, Cătălin Stelian

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  • The Counting Device (2011)
  • The Counting Device (2011)
  • The Counting Device (2011)

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Alexandru Georgescu Mircea
The Counting Device (2011) Cătălin Stelian George
The Counting Device (2011) Marcelo Cobzariu Directorul
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Produced By

Parada Film 
Digital Cube 

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2012 - Leiden ISFE - Menţiunea juriului


  • Selectări în competiţia oficială de la: Transilvania International Film Festival 2011, Sarajevo Film Festival 2011, Cambridge Film Festival 2011, Cinemed Montpellier Film Festival 2011, Brighton Film Festival 2011, Leuven Kort International Film Festival 2011.

The Counting Device (2011) - Photo