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November (2016)

Noiembrie (2016)

24 min. 11 sec. - Short Movie - - 11.11.2016


Vlad, 38, works as a tour guide on cruise ships. When he started work ten years ago, he left behind a failed relationship and a small child: Max, his son, who is now almost a teenager. Vlad happens to come back to Romania for a week and tries to connect with his son and make up for the lost time.

Director: Ion Ioachim Stroe

Writer: Ion Ioachim Stroe

Stars: Ovidiu Mihăiță, Alexandru Vlad

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November (2016) Ovidiu Mihăiță Vlad
November (2016) Alexandru Vlad Max
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Filming in Bucharest




Vlad takes his son, Max, out for a fun day in the park. He has been away with work and their relationship is suffering. Trying to make it up for missing his son's birthday, Vlad gives him a guitar as a birthday present but Max doesn't know how to act with his estranged father.


  • Debutul regizoral al monteurului Ion Ioachim Stroe.
  • Selectat la Festivalul de Film de la Brest 2016, Festivalul de la Trieste 2017.

November (2016) - Photo