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The Mystery of a Simple Case (2017)

Misterul unui caz simplu (2017)

17 min. - Comedy Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A cook that goes by the name Grişa (48 years old) is happily married with Eliza (45 years old), but all of the sudden, he develops a crush on the young woman next door.

Director: Vera Surățel

Writer: Vera Surățel

Stars: Mihai Călin

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  • The Mystery of a Simple Case (2017)
  • The Mystery of a Simple Case (2017)
  • The Mystery of a Simple Case (2017)

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Mihai Călin Grigore Toma
Ioana Abur Eliza Rumeanţev
Nicoleta Hâncu
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Festivals, Awards

  1. 2018 - Central European Film Festival Timișoara - Prize ”Radu Gabrea”


  • Selectat la Divan Film Festival, România, 2018, Anominul IFF, România, 2018, Filmul de Piatră IFF, România, 2018, Timishort IFF, România, 2018, Fiesta del Cine, Spania, 2018, CineMAiubit, România, 2018., Indie IPIFF 2018.

The Mystery of a Simple Case (2017) - Photo