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Milionari de weekend (2002)

Milionari de weekend (2002)

93 min. - Comedy - AG - 29.10.2004


Romania. The near future. The Russian Federation gives back the Thesaurus to Romania. Three boys and a girl, a dog, thieves, mobsters and a bag with millions. All in a summer weekend. Live the moment, take the money, the car and... Run!

Director: Cătălin Saizescu

Writer: Cătălin Saizescu, Mihai Sebastian Arghiropol

Stars: Andrei Vasluianu, Tudor Chirilă, Maria Dinulescu

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  • Milionari de weekend (2002)
  • Milionari de weekend (2002)
  • Milionari de weekend (2002)

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Andi Vasluianu Zetu
Tudor Chirilă Godzi
Maria Dinulescu Miki
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Produced By

Total Professional Records
MDV Film
Filmex România
Cu sprijinul CNC (2001)

Production info

Ecran lat, color, 2600 m.


MDV Film

Milionari de weekend (2002) - Photo