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Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004)

Marele jaf comunist (2004)

75 min. - Documentary - AG - 30.09.2005

Synopsis: In 1959, in Romania, six former members of the nomenklatura and the secret police organize a hold-up of the national bank. After their arrest, the state forces them to play themselves in a film which reconstitutes the crime and the investigation. At the end of their trial, filmed live, they are sentenced to death and executed. 

Director: Alexandru Solomon

Writer: Alexandru Solomon


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  • Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004)
  • Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004)

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Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004) Gheorghe Alexandrescu
Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004) Gheorghe Blidaru
Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004) Gheorghe Bratescu
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Produced By

Les Films d'Ici
Libra Film
With support of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
France 2 (FR2)
Eurimages, CNC France, CNC România, Discovery Campus, Jan Vrijman FundEurimages, CNC France, CNC România, Discovery Campus, Jan Vrijman Fund

Production info

Format video 35 mm.


Independenţa Film / Libra Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2004 - Pessac - Prize for Hytorical Film
    2005 - Mediawave Gyor - The Trophy
    2005 - Documenta Madrid - Prize for Social Value
    2005 - Dok Festival Sf. Gheorghe - Best Director
    2005 - UCIN - Best Director for Documentary


  • Difuzare TV: ZDF/ Arte, BBC, France 2
  • Distribuitori: France Télévision Distribution, Libra Film

Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004) - Photo