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The Unsaved (2013)

La limita de jos a cerului (2013)

80 min. - Drama - N 15 - 27.09.2013


In a backwater small town from the Republic of Moldova, two young fledgling weed dealers (they deliver it through the mail boxes), take care of their business, at their ease, until the youngest of them falls in love with a hair dresser. In order to clear away any possible competition to her heart, he is ready to give the entire network away to the police.

Director: Igor Cobileanski

Writer: Corneliu Porumboiu, Igor Cobileanski

Stars: Igor Babiac, Sergiu Voloc

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Igor Babiac Viorel
The Unsaved (2013) Sergiu Voloc Goose
Ela Ionescu Maria
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Produced By

Saga Film

Production info

The initial screenplay, About angels and hair, written by Corneliu Porumboiu won the 2005 CNC project contest, for the “debut feature film” category. But Porumboiu chose to have his debut with the independent production 12:08 East of Bucharest and the screenplay was left in standby, until the producer Dan Burlac mentioned it to Cobileanski. The new screenplay called The Unsaved won a grant awarded by the Romanian CNC in the November-December 2008 project contest session, of 1,282,395 RON. The shootings took place in the Republic of Moldova and in Romania.


Bomb Film Production

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2013 - Cottbus - FIPRESCI Award
    2014 - Gopo - Best First Feature Film, Best Cinematography


Viorel (Igor Babiac) and Goose (Sergiu Voloc) are two fledgling drug dealers who live in a backwater small town from the Republic of Moldova. They started a drug delivery system, just like delivering the mail. They put the envelope with the weed in the mailbox and take the envelope with money from it. Something else keeps them close to one another: Goose`s dream to fly with a hang glider.
Viorel helps him find all kinds of metal parts, they even steal a car together, but the boredom, the fear and especially the attraction he feels towards Maria, the hair dresser, make him want to go out of this combination. Being too naïve to understand from the start the girl`s games, whose lover, none other than their partner, Motanu, who was in preventive detention or the interested relationship that the woman had with the policeman Vivi, one night, Viorel severely injures the policeman, hitting his head with a French Key, by the stairs, after he left her house. It didn`t matter that the man had found him a job as a potato peeler at the canteen. Without any remorse. Viorel offers to give him away the entire drug network, on two conditions: stop seeing Maria and keep Motanu in jail. Since his buddy Goose is being followed by the police, he decides to escape to Transnistria. Viorel helps him one last time to get to the place where he was supposed to meet two guides. Once the three of them set foot on the shore, we can hear – as a sign of the unhappy ending –a gunshot and a dog bark. (Magda Mihăilescu)


Goose: Virgil Pătraşcu, Luca Aurel, Marin…Vit-zen-t-z-athos.
Viorel: It`s pronounced Vitzentzathos
Goose: Why is that?
Viorel: It`s Greek.
Goose: Is Marin a Greek name, too?
Viorel: Marin is Moldavian. But Vitzentzathos is Greek.
Goose: We`re in Moldavia now and we pronounce it like in Moldavia.

Goose: If you see anyone, sing like a cuckoo.
Viorel: Like what?
Goose: A cuckoo, dude!
Viorel: I ain`t singing like a cuckoo. I`ll just whistle and that`s that.
Goose: If you whistle, they might realize we`re humans.
Viorel: And if I sing like a cuckoo, they`ll think we`re cuckoos?
Goose: Do the pigeon, then.
Viorel: I ain`t doing the pigeon, either. I don`t even know how to do that. All right, I`ll do the crow.
Goose: The crow it is, then.


  • The world premiere was at 2013 the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
  • The name Vitzentzatos from the dialogue between Viorel and Goose was not chosen randomly. Alexandru Vitzentzatos is a young film director who directed the short film Rotisserie Chicken and who was Corneliu Porumboiu`s first assistant director for 12:08 East of Bucharest and for Police, Adjective
Igor Cobileanski about…
…the screenplay: “The screenplay was originally written by Corneliu Porumboiu and probably, that was one of the most challenging aspects for me, emotionally speaking, because I thought that the viewers would think of his films when watching mine and that they will compare my film to them.”

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