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Caviar (2009)

Icre negre (2009)

20 min. - Drama Short Movie - AG -


Robert, 35 years old and his daughter Ioana, 7 years old, leave on Christmas Eve morning from Tulcea train station to Bucharest. Robert has to take a jar of caviar to Mrs. Zina, a rich lady, the owner of a modeling agency.

Director: Răzvan Săvescu

Writer: Oana Ioachim

Stars: Andi Vasluianu, Ana Radu

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  • Caviar (2009)
  • Caviar (2009)
  • Caviar (2009)
  • Caviar (2009)
  • Caviar (2009)
  • Caviar (2009)
  • Caviar (2009)

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Andi Vasluianu Robert
Ana Radu Ioana, his daughter
Oana Ioachim Mrs. Zina
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Produced By

Hi Film Productions
Artmovie Productions
Abis Studio

Production info

Câştigă concursul de proiecte CNC sesiunea iunie–iulie 2008


Hi Film

Caviar (2009) - Photo