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Chasing Rainbows (2011)

Și caii sunt verzi pe pereți (2011)

107 min. - Comedy Drama - N 15 - 02.11.2012


Two parallel sections interwined in the end about the Romanian syndrome of striking rich over night and effortless. Tocitu is a petty ink slinger close to his retirement who loses his job because he can`t use the computer; and when he tries to bring himself up to date with the modern technology, he becomes a victim of internet fraud. Marius is a young man who wins an important prize at a cigarette raffle, but cannot claim it because he participated under a fake name, accidentally Tocitu.

Director: Dan Chişu

Writer: Dan Chişu

Stars: Adrian Titieni, Ionuţ Vişan, Anca Florescu

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  • Chasing Rainbows (2011)
  • Chasing Rainbows (2011)
  • Chasing Rainbows (2011)
  • Chasing Rainbows (2011)
  • Chasing Rainbows (2011)
  • Chasing Rainbows (2011)

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Adrian Titieni Tocitu
Ionuţ Vişan Marius
Chasing Rainbows (2011) Anca Florescu Cosmina
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DaKino Production
Film Location Guide
Panalight Studio
Family Film


DaKino Production

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2012 - UCIN - Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Tudor Smoleanu)
Chasing Rainbows (2011) - Photo