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Horea Paștina – State of Fact (2013)

Horea Paştina - Starea lucrurilor (2013)

43 min. - Documentary - PG -

Synopsis: Documentary Film about the painter Horea Paștina.

Director: Laurenţiu Damian

Writer: Laurenţiu Damian


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  • Horea Paștina – State of Fact (2013)
  • Horea Paștina – State of Fact (2013)
  • Horea Paștina – State of Fact (2013)

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Horea Paștina – State of Fact (2013) Corneliu Ulici voice
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Produced By

Video Art Studio within the Ministry of Culture


„To say that the filming crew is going into the studio of painter Horea Paștina looking to visualise his creation in a series of frames would be to oversimplify matters. The film captures the creation mechanism of the painter of flowers and gardens within the world of vegetal forms, decrypting the hidden meanings of shapes and chromatics and thus the director delivers a discourse on plasticity, within an essay about creation”. (VideoArt Studio)


  • The film is dedicated to Ovidiu Bose Paștina and to Dan Hăulică.
  • Director Ovidiu Bose Paştina was the nephew of painter Horea Paștina and Laurenţiu Damian's friend and co-worker at Sahia Studio.

Horea Paștina – State of Fact (2013) - Photo