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Heidi (2019)

Heidi (2019)

96 min. - Crime - -

Synopsis: In the Outskirts of Bucharest, in an area he's known all his life, near 60s Police officer Visoiu is given the mission to find two prostitutes that are willing to testify in an organized crime case.

Director: Cătălin Mitulescu

Writer: Cătălin Mitulescu, Radu Aldulescu

Stars: Gheorghe Visu, Cătălina Mihai, Octavian Costin, Gabriel Zaharia

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Gheorghe Visu Mihai Vișoiu
Heidi (2019) Cătălina Mihai Heidi
Octavian Costin Octav
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Produced By

Strada Film
with support of CNC

Production info

Budget: 1 milion euro (estimat)
 CNC: 2.089.000 de lei 


  • Proiectul a participat la Paris Coproduction Village în iunie 2014.
  • Catering asigurat de International Food.

Heidi (2019) - Photo