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Grand Hotel Italia (2011)

Grand Hotel Italia (2011)

16 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A simple room from a hotel in Padova, Italy, owned by a Romanian, hosts not only individuals, but unexpected meetings and collisions between people connected through one single thing.

Director: Rodi Cotenescu

Writer: Rodi Cotenescu

Stars: Marius Manole, Silviu Biriș, Petre Dinuliu

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Marius Manole
Silviu Biriș
Petre Dinuliu
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Festivals, Awards

  1. 2011 - CineMAiubit - Critics Award & Romanian Film Scenography Award
    2011 - Fimul de Piatra - Special Award by ICR


A candidate for an academic scholarship, an old man on his way to his family, a gypsy with his piranda, a worker with the appearance of a desperado, an arrogant dandy and a whole cohort of newcomers take refuge, one by one, in a hotel room in Padua, owned by a Romanian, until the six-bed room becomes overcrowded. The director also relied on the humor of the situation in the form of a sketch because the moral of the story is obvious. In the symbolic homeland of Romanism, little Romania stands in a hotel room that encapsulates almost all emotions and destiny options. Playing the absurd card, the director created an effect of superior irony from an (im)possible situation. (Angelo Mitchievici, „România Literară”).

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