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The Pharaoh (2002)

Faraonul (2002)

88 min. - Drama - AG - 27.05.2005

Synopsis: A visual document about Romania in a period of transition. Through the experiences and reports of a journalist, who is researching an old tramp's past in a Siberian workcamp, a variety of typical situations become visible.

Director: Sinișa Dragin

Writer: Sinișa Dragin

Stars: Ștefan Iordache, Olga Tudorache, Adriana Butoi

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  • The Pharaoh (2002)
  • The Pharaoh (2002)

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Ştefan Iordache Costache Nicolau, zis Faraonul
Olga Tudorache
Adriana Butoi
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Produced By

Mrakonia Film



Festivals, Awards

  1. 2005 - UCIN - Premiul special al juriului pentru participare extraordinară (Olga Tudorache și Ștefan Iordache)
The Pharaoh (2002) - Photo