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Excursion (2013)

Excursie (2013)

19 min. - Short Movie - - 05.04.2014


Following a TV News which announce the landing of aliens in Romania, nine years old Eugen steals a video camera from the shop where his father is guardian, he begins to shot the everyday life and suddenly he disapears.

Director: Adrian Sitaru

Writer: Adrian Titieni

Stars: Eric Aradits, Adrian Titieni

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  • Excursion (2013)
  • Excursion (2013)

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Excursion (2013) Eric Aradits Eugen
Adrian Titieni Tatăl lui Eugen
Excursion (2013) Maria Radu
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Produced By

4 Proof Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2014 - NEXT - Menţiune specială
    2014 - Anonimul - Cel mai bun scurtmetraj de ficţiune
Excursion (2013) - Photo