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The Wreck (2018)

Epava (2018)

79 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 19.04.2019

Synopsis: One night, 30 years after the Revolution, three former classmates turned movie directors reunite on the banks of the Black Sea. Together they watch the films they have made as students and old dreams are reignited. These weekend spectators try to hide their feeling of failure behind the old images that have rusted away together with the Wreck, near which they’ve first met. 

Director: Corneliu Gheorghiță

Writer: Corneliu Gheorghiță

Stars: Bogdan Marhodin, Constantin Florescu

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  • The Wreck (2018)
  • The Wreck (2018)
  • The Wreck (2018)
  • The Wreck (2018)

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Bogdan Marhodin Firu Dorileanu
Constantin Florescu Gino Pescariu
The Wreck (2018) Sorin Francu
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Produced By

Gheorghita SRL
with the support of CNC
in collaboration with SRTV

Production info

Shootings at Costinești in 2017.

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2019 - Calcutta International Cult Film Festival – CICFF - Gold Award

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