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Sunday Morning (2014)

Duminică dimineața (2014)

20 min. - Love Story Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Ana waits for her lover. Yvonne wakes up next to a girl she doesn’t know. Ema goes through a tough reality check. Carol searches for a way out. Andi kills himself again. On an idle Sunday, five couples deal with their endings.

Director: Bogdan Theodor Olteanu

Writer: Bogdan Theodor Olteanu

Stars: Rareș Andrici, Nicoleta Hâncu

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  • Sunday Morning (2014)

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Rareș Andrici
Sunday Morning (2014) Nicoleta Hâncu
Sunday Morning (2014) Hera Alexa
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Produced By

SUB25 și Popski


Relationship endings are both tragic and ridiculous. During those final moments we are completely open, vulnerable, we reveal our worst and our best. Ironically, that is when we build our strongest memories of someone. It’s Sunday morning and we stroll like subtle voyeurs through five homes. We see people waking up, talking, drinking coffee, people who laugh, couples who negotiate their endings. “Sunday morning” is a collection of small apocalypses, of a well-hidden bitterness and desperation. (Sub25)

Sunday Morning (2014) - Photo