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Two Lottery Tickets (2015)

Două lozuri (2015)

86 min. - Comedy - AP 12 - 07.10.2016


Three men living in a town situated in the provinces are in urgent need of money and, therefore, decide to buy a lottery ticket. The winning ticket gets stolen and the three heroes do their best to retrieve it. The three protagonists’ quest for the lost ticket entailsvarious situations and adventures. The script is inspired by the novella “Două loturi” by I.L. Caragiale.

Director: Paul Negoescu

Writer: Paul Negoescu

Stars: Dragoș Bucur, Dorian Boguță, Alexandru Papadopol

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  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)
  • Two Lottery Tickets (2015)

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Dragoş Bucur Vasile Grămadă, aka Sile
Dorian Boguţă Dinel Petre
Alexandru Papadopol Pompiliu Borș
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Produced By, Papillon Film, Kirkland, Studio Indie

Production info

  • Budget: 50.000 Euros.


RoImage 2000

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2016 - Zurich - Special Mention
    2016 - Fort Lauderdale - Best Comedy
    2016 - Indie IPIFF - Best Movie
    2017 - Gopo - Audience Award


Dinel Petre (Dorian Boguță), Vasile Grămadă– aka Sile (Dragoș Bucur) and Pompiliu Borș (Alexandru Papadopol) are three buddies living in a town in the provinces. Dinel is a mechanic working at a repair shop, Pompiliu is a clerk for the local mayor’s office and Sile is a “freelancer” (part-time driver, part-time construction worker, part-time gravedigger, but most of the times, he’s simply unemployed). Dinel’s financial difficulties force him to figure out some ways of getting money ASAP. After putting some effort into it, Sile persuades him to play the lottery. At some point Dinel is attacked in the stairway of his apartment building by two guys who steel his fanny pack and make their escape in a car with a Bucharest license plate. The next day, Sile contacts Dinel and enthusiastically lets him know that they’ve won the 6 million Euros jackpot. The three go to the police to declare the theft, but withhold the information about the winning ticket out of fear of losing it for good. They quickly decide to look for it on their own and they start by knocking at the neighbors’ doors. After having experienced a series of adventures they manage to find the thieves and retrieve the fanny pack, only to realize that the ticket wasn’t in it to begin with. As they were watching the news in their local casino back home, they find out that a ticket has already been validated by the Lottery. Unhappy with the results, Dinel buys a new lottery ticket and sticks it against the refrigerator door so as to avoid losing yet another one. The ticket turns out to be a match 5 winning ticket with a prize consisting in an amount of money enough to cover Dinel’s expenses. However, it’s uncertain whether or not the Lottery will validate the ticket glued on the fridge door.(


  • It’s the third feature produced by in which Dragoș Bucur, Alexandru Papadopol and Dorian Boguță play the leading characters after Love Building and Alt Love Building.
  • At first, the subplot of the police officer and the white/black car was supposed to be a short film on its own, suggested by Radu Stancu to Paul Negoescu. When Negoescu started writing the script for Două lozuri, he asked Stancu’s permission to integrate it in the feature.
  • During the promotion campaign, the car used in the film was offered as a prize.

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