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By the Rails (2015)

Dincolo de calea ferată (2015)

88 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 22.04.2016


After a long absence, a man who works in Italy, returns home for a week, to his wife and little son, but he is far from being received with opened arms.

Director: Cătălin Mitulescu

Writer: Cătălin Mitulescu

Stars: Alexandru Potocean, Ada Condeescu

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  • By the Rails (2015)
  • By the Rails (2015)
  • By the Rails (2015)
  • By the Rails (2015)
  • By the Rails (2015)
  • By the Rails (2015)

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Alexandru Potocean Radu
Ada Condeescu Monica
By the Rails (2015) Giada Laudicina
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Produced By

Strada Film
Film i Väst and The Chimney Pot (Suedia) 
Apapaja (Italia)
Production Companies

Production info

Co-production Romania, Sweden. It won a grant awarded by the Romanian CNC in the June–July 2010 project contest session, with the working title “Rumeno”, of 1,269,909 lei. The film was shot in the summer of 2014 in Romania and Italy. The estimated budget 1,160,000 Euro.


Metropolis Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2016 - Karlovy Vary - Special Mention


Radu has been working in a café in a small tourist town in Italy for quite a while. Though the season has just begun, his boss allows him to go home, in Romania, for a week. After a tiresome travel by bus, his wife, Monica, receives him with an obvious hostility and tells him that she had cheated on him. Actually she already arranged to take their kid and move to her parents in Constanţa. She can`t forgive Radu for having left her alone with the child for so long, in the house they built in a Bucharest suburb, by the railways. Things being said, she disappears from home and leaves Radu with the little boy who is asleep. Radu finds her at a nearby wedding, where things gradually get inflamed until a fight starts between the greyish son-in-law and the infatuated father-in-law.Radu tries to reconcile the parties and asks Monica to sing something instead of the band of musicians who had left to another party. Very determined, Monica leaves to Constanţa the next morning together with their little boy and Radu will go back to Italy. But not alone.


  • Working title: “Rumeno”
  • Stunt Coordinator: Cosmin Pădureanu
  • Stuntmen: Victor Boboc (motorbike), Horațiu Carpiuc, George Chiriță, Ștefănuț Dinu, Adrian Niță, Cosmin Pădureanu, Daniel Tomescu, Dorin Zaharia
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