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Out of Too Much Love (1985)

Din prea multă dragoste (1985)

100 min. - Drama - AG - 31.03.1986


In 1980s Romania chief-agronomist Vasile Candrea asks his boss for a transfer to a more modest position in the countryside with a local agricultural state farm. The village he's sent to is his native village.

Director: Lucian Mardare

Writer: Alexandru Brad, Dumitru Titus Popa

Stars: Gheorghe Cozorici, Dan Săndulescu, Tamara Creţulescu


Gheorghe Cozorici Moldovan
Out of Too Much Love (1985) Dan Săndulescu Candrea
Tamara Creţulescu Cristina
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Casa de filme Unu

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Ecran normal, color, 10 acte, 2742 m.