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Confessions of Love (1985)

Declaraţie de dragoste (1985)

99 min. - Love Story - AG - 10.06.1985


The trials and tribulations of two high school students deeply in love with each other, but facing the challenge of their completely different social backgrounds, during the twilight of the communist Romania.

Director: Nicolae Corjos

Writer: George Șovu

Stars: Adrian Păduraru, Teodora Mareș, Carmen Enea

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  • Confessions of Love (1985)
  • Confessions of Love (1985)

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Adrian Păduraru Alexandru
Teodora Mareş Ioana
Confessions of Love (1985) Carmen Enea Mihaela
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Produced By

Casa de filme Trei

Production info

Ecran normal, color, 10 acte, 2700 m.



Festivals, Awards

  1. 1985 - Costineşti - Premiul tinereţii
    1985 - Cairo - Diplomă de onoare și Premiul Ministerului Culturii


  • Cântă formația Savoy Junior.

Confessions of Love (1985) - Photo