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Duty and Sacrifice (1925)

Datorie şi sacrificiu (1925)

21 min. - Drama Short Movie - - 25.12.1925

Synopsis: Doi flăcăi, Ion și Ilie, iubesc aceeași fată, Ileana, și se bat pentru ea. Amândoi sunt mobilizați pe front. Ion este erou și rănit grav, iar Ilie dezertează și vine la Ileana. Ilie este împușcat ca dezertor, iar Ion se face bine și se însoară cu fata.

Director: Ion Şahighian

Writer: Alexandru Dumitrescu

Stars: George Vraca, Ion Niculescu-Brună

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George Vraca Ion Stăjeru
Duty and Sacrifice (1925) Ion Niculescu-Brună Ilie Păduraru
Ion Finteşteanu primarul
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Studioul foto-cinematografic al Armateu Române

Production info

Filmări în iunie-iulie la Mogoșoaia și Breaza. În secvențele de război au fost folosite actualități filmate în Primul Război Mondial la Mărăști, Mărășești și Oituz
O parte din film s-a pierdut, fapt confirmat de Arhiva Națională de Filme.


In 1916, around Easter, in a Romanian village near the Siret river, two young men, Ion Strajeru and Ilie Paduraru, love the same girl, Ileana, the daughter of the local mayor. Ileana loves Ion, the most handsome and vigorous man in the village, and is engaged with him, so she rejects Ilie. At sunset, the coward and mean Ilie follows Ileana secretly and forces her to kiss him, but the girl is saved by the brave and honest Ion, who beats up the aggressor. Ilie swears revenge. As the war broke out, men in the village are drafted in the army. Ion and Ilie end up in the same infantry regiment. In November, their village is occupied by the enemy forces. Ion fulfils his duty to the country and, during a reconnaissance mission in June, he sacrifices his life in order to save his commanding officer. He is wounded, but Ilie, who is obsessed with the mayor’s daughter and believes Ion is dead, deserts from the army and tries to return to his village and seduce Ileana. Ilie is shot dead by the enemy while trying to desert. Thanks to Ion’s courage and to the information supplied by him, the regiment attacks during the night and in the morning the enemy is forced to flee from the village. (ANF)


  • First part in a movie for actor George Vraca.
  •  In the war scenes, the film uses real newsreel footage from the front. Unfortunately, a large part of the film was lost. (ANF)