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Duty (2006)

Datorie (2006)

13 min. - Drama Short Movie - AG - 05.12.2006

Synopsis: Mikey, as he is caressly being called, does shopping for Vali, his old mother who lives alone with her kitten. Vali calls for him daily, insisting to buy her, among other stuff, sugar. It's a demand which annoys the entire family and which Mikey himself wearily accomplishes. It's a duty he carries out distantly.

Director: Vlad Trandafir

Writer: Vlad Trandafir

Stars: Dan Chișu


Dan Chişu Mihăiță
Duty (2006) Nathalie Arsenie Macry Vali
Paul Ipate Marius
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Festivals, Awards

  1. 2007 - Teheran - Best Fiction
    2007 - Film Front International Festival - Big Award
    2007 - Vilnius Film Shorts - Special Mention


  • The film is Vlad Trandafir's exam project, 3rd year of studies, majoring in Film Directing.
  • It was premiered at CineMAiubit 2006 Festival.
  • In 2006, Dan Chișu starred in the commercial for „Mărgăritar” brand of sugar.