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Tiger Danny (2008)

Dănuţ pleacă pe vapor (2008)

27 min. - Short Movie - -


Dănuţ is 24 and he prepares to embark as a sailor on a cruise ship. His family thinks that he will be able to fulfill all their dreams. The list of gifts he is supposed to bring is endless. To buy them Dănuţ has to work himself to death. But who cares?

Director: Radu Potcoavă

Writer: Radu Potcoavă, Tudor Voican

Stars: Ionuţ Adăscăliţei, Valentina Popa, Dorian Boguţă

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Tiger Danny (2008) Ionuţ Adăscăliţei Dănuţ
Tiger Danny (2008) Valentina Popa
Dorian Boguţă Piticu
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Produced By

Domino Film


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